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My Advice is to contact your state attorney general. Believe me, Cingular is very sensitive to this because of their past history of abuse. It's highly effective in resolving any grievences with them. Unless of course you can't be bought. In which case, I welcome you to the underground. Someday, the open source community WILL take down even the Cell community.

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0031570967, hmmm the dates lets see like since JANUARY!
Ever since cingular took over Atnt it seems like all hell has broken lose with regard to my cellphone the saga begins when I chose upgrade my failing Nokia 3650 to a palm 600, oh what a terrible idea. But of course when cingular sends you little convincing love notes about how when they take over atnt, nothing will change and everything will be fine, and the change will not affect you adversely you try to take comfort in that, little do you know as a poor defenseless consumer that secretly cingular has you by balls and they are ready to twist at any moment.
So in January I get this fancy palm phone and I am dismayed that the moment I plug it in and turn it on it doesnt work, I am puzzled by this, so I call and they say they will send me out replacement, this replacement comes, but devoid of shipping labels to send back the old phone I call to recieve them, a few weeks go by, no shipping labels, this goes on for three months more with more calls to customer care for the missing shipping labels, finally they come in April, I send the phone back, but to my dismay 3 days after I send back the old phone my new phones atenna just falls off, yes thats right it just falls off, what does this do, it renders the phone useless and I am again without a phone. Consequently I call in to reorder a new replacement, and they tell me that I mst pay for the old phone that hasnt arrived yet, and that I also would have to upgrade to a cingular phone with a cingular plan in order to replace the broken palm. Here is the problem, if I change to a cingular plan I lose my 100 dollar charter atnt plan that has unlimited anytime minutes, I own a business and use 8000 minutes per month on average. This is unacceptable, so I have had to deal with an unuseable phone since april, I have to physically hold the antenna on and pray that it works, so I finally got fed up and ordered a nokia 6610 from that was unlocked from a privaate company as it seemed like cingular would never help me, this phone has worked like a dream why because it didnt come from cinglar. Until this morning when Cingular's service refused to work, I coldnt even get voicemails from my land line, let a lone make a phone call, I call cingular 4 times this morning and am on hold for a total of 55 minutes and they still couldnt tell me why my phone didnt work. Meanwile during the morning I lost 3000 dollars in revenue as this cell phone is how my customers contact me to order product. The woman I finally spoke to told me after 55 minutes of hold time and 4 phone calls, that they cant trouble shoot unlocked phones. Hmmmm....well perhaps if cingular would have done there job and sent out a properly working phone in the first place we wouldnt be here right now. I still have a palm 600 that doesnt work, service that is finnicky to the point to where it wont ring through where I live in metropolitan mukilteo WA, And voicemail that wont work are they trying to make my life frustrating and miserable, are they trying to cost me business and customers, these people are worse than a terrorist dictator. ANd then they have the nerve to say "thank you for choosing cingular wireless" when I call, I DIDNT CHOOSE CINGULAR WIRELESS, I CHOSE ATNT, CINGULAR WIRELESS WAS SHOVED DOWN MY THROAT WITHOUT MY APPROVAL NOR MY ACCEPTANCE OF IT. Furthermore, I filed an fcc complaint a month ago and MIchelle Neil from the office of the president calls me back and plays a game of phone tag with me, I call and call and call and call, and ask to speak with someone else as she is never available to help me, she then calls me and leaves me a message that "due to the fact that we have trouble reaching each other she is going to just close the case" that has not been fixed, she and I have not even had a conversation. I am furious becase I have gotten no relief in this situation. I am seeking the palm 600 that is currently broken to be replaced with one that works that will work with my current plan, and that the revenue I lost this morning also be replaced, Tradiionally I take in 1000 dollars per hour in revenue, I will be happy to forward books and bank statements prooving this. My phone has not worked for 3 hours, and it is growing by the minute.
Lindsey Brooks
Dr. Groovy's Enterprises Inc
1916 Pike Pl. Ste. 12 #368
Seattle, WA 98101
206 953 9463

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